CamMo Photo photography is a collection of photos and memories that my wife and I have experienced over the years.


It all began years ago with several of our passions,  connecting the outdoors, wildlife and capturing the moment. After several trips around the beautiful state we call home, Tennessee, and our first trip to Colorado and the Rocky Mountain National Park something started within us. At first just I, Cameron, was taking most of the pictures. Then Morganne wanted to take pictures and not share a camera. We have been blessed with the experiences we have captured, with plans for more fabulous trips around this great nation.

**Update** I now have my FAA Part107 commercial certificate for drone pilot. Contact me for details about this new service offered.


The name CamMo was thought up by my wife, CAMeron and MOrganne.


I hope you enjoy our work. If you care to purchase any of our photos please email me for details. Thanks for stopping by and spending a little bit of time on our site.